Laura Robinson

Research Project Manager

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts in 2011, Laura joined the JAX Nathan Shock Center in the spring of 2012. Hired as a Research Assistant, after two years she was promoted to Laboratory Manager. Her lab excels at collecting phenotypic data, caloric restruction data, and lifespan data on large cohorts of Collaborative Cross (CC) and Diversity Outbred (DO) mouse lines, working closely with internal and external PI's ensuring all projects are carried out according to set protocols. Her team is responsible for collecting an array of tissues and samples, including but not limited to: whole blood, plasma and serum, fecal pellets and various tissue samples.

Andrew Deighan

Data Analyst

Andrew performs statistical analyses to characterize phenotypic patterns in aging, and to search for predictors of longevity and mortality. Additionally, Andrew has an active role in data management and quality control, and provides analytic support to external research groups.

Hannah J. Donato

Research Assistant

As a Research Assistant, Hannah performs experiments to collect data on the changes in behavior and physiology of mice as they age in response to a calorie restricted diet .  I also create and maintain detailed inventories of animals, data, and biological samples collected throughout the study.

Gaven Garland

Research Assistant

As a Research Assistant,  Gaven is responsible for collecting phenotype data, keeping accurate records.  We keep track of body weights, body condition and mouse behavior. I also collect tissue and blood samples and properly store samples after collection.

Rachel Gott

Colony Coordinator

As a colony coordinator for the Nathan Shock Center, Rachel is responsible for ensuring all strains are maintained and bred according to project managers specifications. I am responsible for all aspects of colony mainetence including but not limited to maintaining lines, breeding lines, and populating studies. I also excel at data collection and sample collection such as fecal and urine collection, and a variety of complex animal procedures and surgeries.

Mackenzie Leland

Research Assistant I

As a Research Assistant for the Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging, Mackenzie is responsible for behavioral phenotyping, eye bleeding and weighing maximum lifespan mice. I am also responsible for collecting data and monitoring mice as they respond to a calorie restricted diet.