Research Performed within the Shock Center

The long-term goal of the Shock Center is to focus Jackson Laboratory researchers’ diverse expertise in biology and genomics on problems of aging, leading to enhanced resources for the aging research community and a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms at work in lifespan and healthspan.

Through the Center, researchers have extensively characterized 32 commonly used inbred strains for aging-related phenotypes.

Ellison Medical Foundation Scholars

The Ellison Medical Foundation supports basic biomedical research on aging relevant to understanding lifespan development processes and age-related diseases and disabilities. The Foundation particularly wishes to stimulate new, creative, research that might not be funded by traditional sources or that is often under-funded in the U.S. Several Jackson Laboratory researchers have received Senior Scholar and New Scholar Awards in Aging from the Foundation.

Other Aging Research at The Jackson Laboratory

In addition to researchers directly funded by or using resources from the Shock Center, other investigations are being performed at The Jackson Laboratory to understand the basic mechanisms of aging, and uncover the genetic and physiological causes of age-related diseases and disorders.