Internal Meetings

Annual Internal Advisory Board Meetings

The Internal Advisory Board meets annually with the Center Director and the Center leadership team to discuss the Center’s scientific direction. Core Leaders provide status updates and pilot project awardees present their research findings. All interested faculty and staff are encouraged to attend the open sessions of the meeting after which the board provides feedback to the Center leadership team during closed door session. [ Internal Advisory Board Members ]

Monthly PI Meetings

The Center holds monthly leadership meetings to provide a forum for reviewing Center science and operations. The meetings also serve research coordination and feedback functions. Meetings include the Center Director and Core Leaders. Other Center staff are also called upon on an ad hoc basis.

During the meetings attendees discuss core operations, investigator needs, resource coordination, data analysis, quality control and dissemination, and future directions. Successes and problems are discussed, and corrective changes agreed upon.

Monthly Open Meetings

Open Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month to discuss topics in aging research. Investigators also provide research, funding, and publication updates and receive feedback. The meetings are open to all interested faculty and staff.