External Board Meeting

Annual Meeting of the External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board reviews the Center’s progress and activities annually at a two-day meeting at The Jackson Laboratory. The meetings include presentations on Center resources, dissemination, pilot projects, and support of aging research. The Center Director, the leadership team, and the Internal Advisory Board attend the annual meeting, and meet with the External Advisors for a closed-session review and discussion. All Center members, and interested faculty and staff from The Jackson Laboratory are invited to attend the open sessions.

Function of the Meeting

The External Advisory Board provides an overall assessment of the Center’s program and makes recommendations for improvements and changes. The Board reviews each Center Core, including usage statistics, overall management and quality of work, fee structures and costs, and overall value to Center members and external researchers. The Board recommends new technologies and new strains of mice to be included in the relevant cores. The External Advisors also review pilot project applications and select those that will be funded. Pilot project recipients from the previous year submit written reports before the annual External Advisory Board meeting and meet with the Advisors during their visit. Progress toward significant publications and submission of National Institute of Aging or other age-related grants is monitored, and the award and review process adjusted as needed. The External Advisory Board recommends candidates for recruitment who would mesh well with existing faculty and benefit from Center resources.

Board Members

Members of the External Advisory Board are chosen on the basis of their expertise and stature in the international aging science community; their research areas broadly match The Jackson Laboratory’s research interests to attract the entire faculty to aging science. [ External Advisory Board Members ]