Mouse Phenome Database

Public access to aging research data

The Mouse Phenome Database (MPD) is the major venue for public dissemination of data generated by the Center’s Cores and outreach to the wider aging research community. MPD provides public access to median lifespan and Kaplan-Meier survival curves for males and females, as well as phenotypic and genotypic data for all strains.

  • Center research data. Center project data submitted to MPD includes longitudinal and cross-sectional studies, as well as research findings from Center pilot projects.
  • External aging-related studies. The MPD also provides access to data from aging-related studies performed by researchers beyond the auspices of the Center.


Development and distribution of analytical tools

MPD builds and offers tools for correlation of Center data with hundreds of other datasets to facilitate hypothesis formulation and testing, and complex analyses across datasets and strains. These tools are freely available to all researchers via the Analysis Approaches page on the MPD website. Using these tools, Center investigators have revealed exciting correlations in their data related to lifespan and pathologies of aging, opening new research pathways for internal and external researchers.