Dissemination of research data

The Center is a national hub for the dissemination of resources, information and tools which facilitate genetic approaches to understanding human healthspan and aging. Data from aging research generated within and beyond the Center reaches the wider scientific community via centralized public resource databases: Mouse Phenome Database, Pathbase and the Mouse Tumor Biology Database.

We present highlights of lifespan, IGF1 and heart rate data collected by Center investigators on the Center website.

Distribution of animal and tissue resources

The Center maintains and distributes valuable aged biospecimens which are currently available to researchers upon request. Tissues from the Center’s 32 inbred strain cross sectional study have also been contributed to the University of Michigan Nathan Shock Center’s Animal Resource Database which aims to facilitate sharing of scarce animals and tissues by researchers working on the biology of aging.

Publications and presentations

Center investigators give presentations of their research findings at national and international research meetings and publish their results in peer-reviewed publications. The protocols used within the Center are also publicly available via the Center’s website.