Translational Core

Translational Core

The Translational Core evaluates, integrates and disseminates data relating to the genetics of aging from mouse, human and other organisms

Core Leader: Ron Korstanje
Co-Core Leader: Joanne Murabito

Evaluation and Integration

The Translational Core summarizes, evaluates, enhances, and integrates the data and insights being generated in aging mouse research at the Center, human genome-wide association studies and candidate gene studies using animal models of aging. The Core also creates opportunities for geneticists using mouse, human and other organisms to collaborate and for Center resources to be used by a much wider audience, including the human genetics community.


The Core disseminates this information to the scientific community in a readily accessible form to promote aging research. With these integrated resources, researchers can accelerate their work to identify genes that affect aging, emphasizing longevity genes common to human, mouse and other animals. The Core is both an institutional and a national resource, rapidly sharing Center expertise in genetics with the entire research community interested in genetics of aging.