Statistical Core

Statistical Core
The Statistical Core enables the tracking, statistical analysis and dissemination of aging data

Core Leader: Gary Churchill

Statistical Consulting

The Core provides dedicated support to investigators in study design, data analysis, custom programming and applications support. As researchers investigate the complex traits associated with aging, the Core helps them overcome the analytic challenges associated with interacting loci and in the analysis of multiple measurements required for complex phenotypes.

Information Management

Robust information management systems are critical for distributed data-intensive projects such as the Center’s aging and phenotyping efforts. The Core provides a Laboratory Information Management System (JAXTrack) to manage workflow, animal and sample tracking, and data generated by the Center.

Data Dissemination

Data from aging research generated within and beyond the Center is disseminated by the Core to the wider scientific community via the Mouse Phenome Database, a centralized public resource database which also builds and offers tools for correlation analysis.