Healthspan Core

Healthspan Core
The Healthspan Core performs an unprecedented, comprehensive survey of lifespan and healthspan in the mouse

Core Leader: Elissa Chesler

High-throughput Phenotyping

Using the high-throughput phenotyping capabilities of the Core, cohorts of mice are characterized for traits of interest to aging researchers that are expected to be informative about healthspan including behavior, body composition, hematology, metabolism, and immune, neuromuscular and cardiovascular function. Aging phenotypes are being defined accurately in each strain, by testing several individuals of each age. Data are made available through the Mouse Phenome Database.

Tissues and DNA/RNA samples

The Healthspan Core provides tissues and/or DNA/RNA samples for all the major organs and systems of the mouse strains in the Animal Core, including spleen, kidney, bone, blood, heart and liver, to internal and external researchers.


Many tissues are now being evaluated at The Jackson Laboratory for pathology and images are publicly available through the Pathbase, Mouse Tumor Biology Database and Mouse Phenome Database. Diagnoses, severity scores, and disease frequencies will also be posted in the near future.