Development Core

Development Core
The Development Core provides support for investigators who wish to change career direction towards aging research

Core Leader: Gary Churchill

Pilot Projects

Pilot funding is the primary means of encouraging established and young faculty to pursue ideas in aging science. Once a year a request for proposals is announced and projects are reviewed by the External Advisory Board. The Center’s pilot project scheme has significantly expanded The Jackson Laboratory’s aging research program and has resulted in peer-reviewed publications, several new aging mouse models, as well as applications for external funding.

Recruitment and Retention

The Center and its resources are important factors in recruiting and retaining talented faculty in a variety of disciplines who are also interested in aging research. Lack of aging resources or expertise can prevent researchers from engaging in aging science. The Center’s resources enable faculty to pursue cost-effective aging studies.


Senior Center members mentor young faculty, postdoctoral associates and students. The Center’s leadership also supports new aging researchers and established researchers who wish to change fields.