Development Core

Development Core

Core Leader: Ron Korstanje
Phone: 207-288-6992

The Development Core seeks to expand the scope of research in the basic biology of aging at The Jackson Laboratory and other institutions in New England and assist in the development of investigators new to the field of aging research through outreach, courses, and mentoring.

Pilot Grant Program

Genetic Control of Heart Mitochondrial DNA Content, Brett Kaufman

Investigating the role the APOE in age-related neurovascular unit decline and neuroinflammation, Gareth Howell

Investigating the complex interactions between APOE and TREM2, the major genetic risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, Gareth Howell

Determining the genetic variations that impact the age-related B-cell immune response, Muneer Hasman

Support for Courses, Seminars, and Workshops

We provide support for organizing and hosting aging-related courses, seminars, and workshops at our Bar Harbor (Maine) and Farmington (Connecticut) campuses, and collaborating institutes.


  • University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, Key Note Speaker Ron Korstanje, "The Genetics of Aging: Woms, Mice and Humans" Friday September 22nd

Past events:

  • “JAX Symposium on the Genetics of Aging,” Bar Harbor, ME, Aug 12. 2016
  • “Comparative and Experimental Approaches to Aging Biology Research” – co-sponsored with Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, Salisbury Cove, ME, June 19-July 3. 2016
  • “Personalized Geroscience” - NIA Shock Centers Joint Symposium (in conjunction with 45th Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association), Seattle, WA, June 1-2. 2016
  • “Stem Cells and Development/Aging and Adult Onset Disease Modeling,” in conjunction with the 28th International Mammalian Genome Conference, Bar Harbor, ME, Oct 26-29. 2014
  • “Health, Function, Independence and Creativity through Aging Research,” co-sponsored with The Connecticut Aging Center (Dr. George Kuchel, Director), Farmington, CT, March 19-20. 2014