Animal and Phenotyping Core

Animal and Phenotyping Core

Core Leader: Luanne Peters
Phone: 207-288-6391

The aim of the Animal & Phenotyping Core is to increase the diversity of mouse resources available for aging research. Longitudinal and cross sectional healthspan and lifespan studies on C57BL6/J, Diversity Outbred (DO) and Collaborative Cross (CC) and various KOMP strains have been completed or are currently in process. High-throughput phenotyping pipelines have been established for CC and DO mice. The Jackson Aging Center (JAC) has collected and curated thousands of tissue samples from mice representing a wide range of genetic backgrounds and conditions including aged mice of both sexes. Among these resources, there are two studies, a cross sectional Diversity Outbred (DO) and cross sectional Collaborative Cross (CC) that collected tissues in cross sectional study design from female and male mice at ages 6, 12 and 18 months.

Below please find Nathan Shock Center project details including all open resources available to the scientific community.

The Center maintains and distributes valuable aged biospecimens currently available to researchers upon request. Interested researchers should contact:

Ron Korstanje
Assistant Professor
The Jackson Laboratory, 600 Main Street, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Aging Studies: 

Characterization of healthspan and lifespan in CC mice investigating early, mid-life and late life biomarkers of aging.
Robust fecal collection, blood collection and phenotyping pipeline.

Characterization of healthspan and lifespan in DO mice investigating early through late life biomarkers of aging. Animals were placed in high-throughput phenotyping pipelines to investigate lifespan traits.