Pilot Projects

Pilot Projects

Request for Application (RFA)

Collaborative Cross Resources

JAX Center for Aging Research  is accepting applications for research projects in the biology of aging utilizing available aged male and female Collaborative Cross tissue, plasma, or DNA from JAX’s Nathan Shock Center resources. The Collaborative Cross (CC) is a multiparent panel of recombinant inbred (RI) mouse strains derived from 129S1/SvImJ, A/J, C57BL/6J, NOD/ShiLtJ, NZO/HlLtJ, CAST/EiJ, PWK/PhJ, and WSB/EiJ. The panel provides a reproducible source of uniform genome-wide genetic variation for complex trait analysis and systems genetics and is a source of new models of human disease. These samples are excellent for molecular profiling studies to investigate age trends, sex differences and heritability in these genetically diverse mouse strains.  

Applicants must provide a description of their proposed research project, scientific justification, current funding available to support use of this resource, and a biosketch. Preference will be given to proposals utilizing maximum number of resources of a given strain or sample type. Approved applicants will be required to sign a Materials Transfer Agreement with The Jackson Laboratory prior to receiving specimens. Applicants will be responsible for the cost of shipping material. Please see below for a list of available Collaborative Cross tissues, DNA and plasma.

For questions or prior consultation about the available resources, please contact Joyce Billings (joyce.billings@jax.org).

For submission details, available resources and deadline: Click here for full RFA.

Past Pilot Project Awardees